As part of the advance press for our show last June, I did a lengthy interview with Benito Aragon of New Mexico Mercury.

We talked about the philosophy behind what we do,  our working process, world music, and many other ideas.

Someone  told me the other day they thought Pray For Brain was making the most truly genuine American music they've ever heard, because of how we meld things. I was flattered and humbled  by that.

The last time I did an interview this in depth was about 20 years ago with a German guitar magazine. So refreshing to have good questions and the chance to go deep.

You have to respect all of your inner truth, not just the truth of some music you've bonded with or heritage you have...All the love that life feeds you gets processed and we just try to  give it back in the most honest way we can.

Many thanks to New Mexico Mercury ! The full interview is here at this link.