The first two reviews of the Pray for Brain CD 'None Of the Above' are in.

First , many thanks to Mel Minter for his fabulous blog write up: 

Fair warning number one: the music on the premiere release from Pray for Brain, featuring Mustafa Stefan Dill (guitars, oud), Christine Nelson (bass), and Jefferson Voorhees (drums, percussion), may induce you to dance naked in the backyard and howl at the moon.

That may also be a good way to describe the genre of music the trio writes and plays.

Arabilly, indofunk, sufisurf, and countryeastern—terms the group has coined in an attempt to convey what they do—don’t quite cover it.

It’s easier to say what it isn’t. It’s not power-trio rock, surf music, or funk. It’s not Sufi devotional music, bhangra, or jazz. It’s not bluegrass, jam band, or flamenco. In fact, as the title says, it’s None of the Above, but it does incorporate elements from all of the above, sometimes within the same song. It’s an ecstatic dance party perfumed with coriander. ...

Read his full take here at this link.

The CD also got reviewed in Pasatiempo, the Santa Fe New Mexican's weekly arts magazine:

The group’s more intense moments are evocative of hard/experimental rockers like Primus (during that band’s more mellow moments), as in “Grind Responsibly,” in which a driving straight-ahead intro in five quickly transitions into a jazzy swing feel and comes all the way back to the beginning by song’s end. The album has been a long time in the works.... But the wait was worth it, particularly for anyone who enjoys unique crossover music that is familiar enough to not deter the ear and sounds as fun to play as it is to listen to.

 Catch the full review at this link.

 More review copies are being sent out, we'll post the feedback as it comes in.