More reviews of the Pray For Brain CD " None Of The Above" are trickling in:

"Ah, some contemporary malcontent music that blows to doors off their hinges...this crew mixmasters world/jazz/prog/funk/fusion into a heady brew that's anything but one shaded sludge. With everyone heading off in different directions and somehow meeting in the middle, if you want to play this for grandpa, make sure he was into ‘Bitches Brew' Miles or else you'll give him a heart attack and really turn this into killer stuff. This is the kind of stuff genre busting ears require. Well done. " MidWest Record, 5/22/2014.

The Santa Fe Reporter also dug it: 

"[Pray for Brain]... scoff at the concepts of time signatures and common structure for 11 genre-defying tracks that both entice and challenge the listener. This album somehow delivers an experience that is all at once disjointed and experimental, yet accessible and catchy. ... there is a level of restraint that serves the songs well and drives them forward into heretofore locally unknown areas of jazzy brilliance. If nothing else, None of the Above is an album for music technique aficionados and proves that complicated music is sometimes so cool, you’ve just gotta get behind it. " Alex DeVore, Santa Fe Reporter, May 7, 2014

The release also got mentioned in The Oakland Press,  and we got prog airplay Memorial  Day Weekend thanks to Gagliarchives Radio and Progressive Ears.

We'll share as they come in!