As we reboot the CD project on Kickstarter,  we also realized we needed to update the project to make it current, so we  decided to include two new tracks. Back out to the fabulous Third Eye Studio we go!

would you buy a CD of this man's band?

As luck would have it, we managed to track THREE new pieces, and update two  older ones.

The new ones are --

1) An open, loose  tune in 5/4 ranging from Lydian swing to R&B to whole tone funk, with a 5/16 intro/outtro !  2) an India-inspired rocakbilly/bhangra piece; and 3) a wild Middle Eastern - tinged fast prog/funk that jumps cuts into a swinging jazz walk, and back.

We also revisited  two pieces from last year's sessions. A year's worth of playing changed some approaches enough that we thought we should update them, so we did. We added some oud to a new run though of "Surf" that also reflects Jefferson's reworked drum approach for the tune, and we took another shot at the country-esque "Leo."

I did some minor cleanups Thursday, and that's it! Its all in the bag!

How many bands do you know can track 5 tunes in a day and a half? :)

Want to hear it? So do we... i get test burns in the middle of the week.  I'll share a little bit as we start  to edit.

But the only to way hear  it all is to share this Kickstarter project with folks you know. Please share  the link: . Wide, not big, will help this project be a success.

Thanks again -- we'll keep you posted!