After some careful thought, we've scrapped everything we did in March. We realized we were neither as  relaxed nor as ready as we needed to be, and while James ' studio was great for what it was, we really needed something with a bit more flexibility, space and isolation wise.  

Enter Third Eye Studio , about 1/2 hour east of the city, in Tijeras. 


Lovely spot, with a big sunny main room where we set up the drums, giving it that Bonham stairwell effect.


Our proposed schedule was this: load in, get decent sounds and some test runs on Day 1; track all the Gretsch material Day 2; fretless and oud, Day 3; cleanups/retakes/fixes on Day 4.

Im pleased to report this actually has gone according to plan!



I  did two days of cleans ups/fixes the week after. 




The studio sounds glorious and we've got some great  performances: Hendrix goes to Bengal, Johnny Cash dhrupad, some very lovely oud stuff. Dave and Dana were fabulous and easy to work with!



Now it's on to some careful review, editing and mixing -   and launching our Kickstarter campaign!