This is a very cool little project studio, perfect for what we do. By day, engineer/owner James runs the space as a martial arts studio and dojo, but by night he explores his other passion and transforms it to a nice recording set up.

Our first night was short, mainly dialing in tones and headphone mixes, troubleshooting some minor technical issues, and a few run throughs to get the feel. Everything got dialed in fairly quickly with no major hurdles.
We're all standing in the large room with the drums, which is the perfect way for us to play.


Chris is going direct, and my amps get some very creative isolation treatments:one amp is in a closet,


















the other in a bathroom!
























However, there's no need for any 'my tone is going down the toilet'  jokes. On the contrary, I'm getting a great sound in both amps so far. Whatever works!

While I dont think we have any keepers from last night, good prep work was done. Today will be a long day: let's see what kind of progress we make.