Intense, soaring heavy metal freejazz - if late Coltrane met Jimi Hendrix, or if Maha Orch played free, you'd have some idea of the soundscape of this trio I put together with drummer Dave Wayne and bassist Dave Nielsen. Loud as hell (a Marshall 1987x half stack was put to glorious use) and I loved it.

Originally recorded in 2000 and released on a label that ran into trouble soon after, I re-released it under the Norumba imprint with permission from the original label in 2003. 

The material is identical, but I redid my poor initial attempt at graphics and cover art. That repackaging may make it the only CD  ever to have as its cover art photos from its own CD release concert.

From the liner notes:

As an acoustic soloist, my work principally has explored the connections between the most free improvisation and the most traditional flamenco. While the solo work has been very rewarding, about a year ago I found myself missing the rapport, the dialogue that occurs in the group setting. I started searching for like minded comrades, and have been blessed in working with these two amazing Daves. Concurrently, I also began hearing a return to the electric guitar after a six year absence. The timbral and articulation possibilities of the electric (not to mention the painfully joyous physicality of sheer decibel impact) are very different from the flamenco instrument, and rediscovering this primal voice has been invigorating.

Still, we strive for range. Ambient/still electric pieces, both active and quiet acoustic ones are here, along with high volume excursions. Music and nature both are gifts of God's immense love, and both manifest in great diversity, from the serene to the fierce. This Trio convenes regularly in the high canyons northeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the mountains loom large and vibrant, full of ancient life and ancestral thunder. Dave Nielsen's mountain stronghold in Canoncito has been a stunning setting in which to work.

The best of that work from 2000 is documented here, recorded live and direct to CD-R, no overdubs and 100 percent improvised. There are no charts, no plans, no premeditated structures. DN mails me the two CDrs per session, and I sift for the best takes, then do a little audio polish in the studio here (it is a three hour commute each way to Canoncito from where I am). It is a relaxed, patient process - no pressure of HAVING to record , of the meter running - we convene for the love and joy of it , the strength of the chemistry, and set the machine on just in case.

This, along with Flower And Songwere well received in the press. Most of the reviews were from the original release, which explains the dates on some of them.

Available at CD Baby and iTunes.