My early oud work is documented on the album Six Peaces, a meditative work with both oud and flamenco guitar. It's the last time I did any solo work with the flamenco, and so it documents the transition of my focus from one instrument to the other. But while recording the album I discovered these two instruments have a particular affinity for each other, and so I could not ignore the guitar completely.

Six Peaces was recorded in March 2002 at a time of a great first love for the oud (only a few months into it), of a passionate initial immersion into the Islamic Sufi tradition, and of great sorrow at a particularly turbulent time in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Performing and preparing these pieces for the recording therefore brought on a certain meditation - on themes of love, understanding, healing, responsibility, peace in both the internal and global domains, and above all, love of God. These meditations in turn generated the six corresponding texts for each of the tracks.

Although not widely circulated, it was well received and remains some people's favorite CD (in fact, it's sold out of hard copies form most online distributors and i have not issued another run). It does have a special feel, I think.

(N.B. there are some liberties with the approach used with what would normally be considered maqams: most of the pieces use specific maqam- based scalar constructs, but may be developed differently than standard maqam usage; it's not quite proper, therefore, to identify their use here as traditional maqams. I've chosen to define the usage accordingly).

It's available as download only at CD Baby and iTunes.