Jefferson and I have been working as Sama Duo for over six years now, and it's surprising this is the only release in all that time,  up until this summer's forthcoming CD.  The small-run release was developed as an interim calling card and gig merch product, as we originally planned for something larger-scale and more professional later that year. As such, we didn't circulate it for press and airplay, so there really aren't any extant reviews or much publicity surrounding it.

Still, it's out and about, and an interesting documentation of the Duo's beginnings, very different from where we are today.

 It's available at CD Baby  and iTunes.

We are sitting on some other material from 2005-2007, including the Ethnosphere 2007 festival set (that has some video footage),  various other concerts, and the Birth Of A Pillow soundtrack.  Time allowing, I may revisit some of that with a view to release it, but the present focus is a look forward, with the planned new release.