About Sama Duo

The precursor and genesis of Pray For Brain was a duo that Jefferson and Mustafa held for 10 years. Here's some archive details and photos of the project:

Burn your panpipe samples and scrub the dishes with your ambient synth pads: this is not your auntie's world music band. The Duo brings a telepathic level of interplay to their groove-oriented energetic improvisations with a south Asian and Middle Eastern twist (think Bill Frisell and late Coltrane guesting with the White Stripes on a Calcutta rooftop with a bird's eye view to Morocco).

Sama' Duo retains an improvisational focus, applying a deep core of  both cutting-edge and ancient improvising methods within the musical traditions of India and the Middle East.  The Duo reaches into a deep understanding of form and method from the established traditions, adds their previous experience as post-modern improvisors to the process and wraps it all with a rhythmically- driven, wide-ranging rock/funk ethos.

The group takes as its name a nuanced Arabic term that describes the spectrum of relationships between intense listening, spirituality, and music-making itself.

The Duo was chosen in 2006 to provide the music score for the independent film "Birth of a Pillow" by director Sharmy Pandey, from Kolkata, India.

The film is a 47 minute feature with no dialogue, requiring a continuous music score that would amplify and emotionally detail the story to a very high degree.

The duo is planning a  CD release for 2011.

The players:

Mustafa Stefan Dill (fretless and fretted guitars, oud)
is well known in the area for his guitar and oud work, leading a variety of his own ensembles as well as playing in mJane, Out of Context, Zevk Ensemble, and others. He has peformed solo concerts at numerous improvised music, jazz, and guitar festivals, including FMP's Total Music Meeting, Wirral Guitar Festival, Paderborn Guitar Festival, Zuid Nederlands Jazz Festival, and others.





Jefferson Voorhees (drum kit, tabla, naal, tar, gome) resides in Albuquerque and is one of the regions most versatile and sought after percussionists.

His resume includes such projects as the Tom Guralnick Trio, Bayou Seco, Stove, and Out of Context, among many others.


His time spent in India studying music and percussion (as well as his performances with Iraqi oudist Rahim Alhaj) adds some particularly unique qualifications for the project.