Thoughts for a bad day

If you cant believe in anything else, then at least,

Believe in Love.

Bad days, good days, - how much love did we carry in us that day?

God's love for us manifested in our love for Him, for each other, the planet, etc, - it is a prime guide for all faiths.

If we had a bad day, if we are completely psycho, if we arent forgiving enough, its because we aren't carrying enough of (God's) LOVE within us, we are not remembering Him or what He gives, because someone or something took that capacity away from us for a time.

I have to search deeper, find it again.

And only by resuming that remembrance of Allah (SWT) and His loving gift of ALL creation/createdness for us, do i find it.

How much love can we carry in our hearts?

Our anger, our rage, is a function of how much love we carry, (or can hold on to) at any given time - and, if you lose it, how much you love yourself (not in the vain sense but as a living compassionate creature) to seek a state of forgiveness and re-access that love.

It is the essence of life in this realm and what we are here to do.

It is the only quality on this planet that keeps it going, that keeps us going, because it is the DIRECT reverberating manifestation of God.

And by remembering Love and thanking and loving its Source,the Creator, Allah (SWT), for it, ingesting it to reach those around you, we also remember Him (dhikr).

Believe in Love.

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