A quartetmainWe are currently seeking dates for the southwestern US region on an ongoing basis,as well as several forays into other parts of the US.

We are also seeking to extend some leads for Europe throughout the year that we are currently developing.

Additionally, we are working with a team to fill out additional dates in India for April 2015. 

For India dates, representation and booking , contact Niti Madan, Purple Tree Productions +919769394782. Email:  
madanniti at gmail dot com.

 Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like us to come your way.

Our current schedule is in the widget below.

While some of the other video articles in this section either focus on a style or document a specific concert,Pray For Brain has a lot of one- offs as well: various other performances, some samples from the other sections,  and some promo and demo narratives too. 

A fun one I like to share (and it starts off the playlist)  our intro/promo piece we did a few years back for the CD. If you're not familiar with us, it's a great way to start!


Here are some Pray For Brain video highlights from the Outpost concert last November.

Live and raw, its an energetic set, full of interesting choices, unexpected twists, and plenty of our trademark telepathy and interplay. Enjoy!


It's interesting to compare the evolution of the band -- see, for example , the 2013 Outpost set here , or go back further in the archives at youtube.com/norumba .