We went into the KUNM radio studios shortly after the November Outpost concert for a ive radio and video session.  Superbly edited by Jefferson White and captured on sound by Ethan Stein and Kevin Kiesel and prodced by Matthew Finch, here s their first clip:


F Trio2The best way to hear Pray For Brain, we think, is to see us, so look for the various videos in the other articles in this section.That said, you can hear us with out the visual element:

 Sound clips are available on the CD page at https://7dmedia.bandcamp.com/album/none-of-the-above . Our Reverb Nation and Soundcloud pages also have the clips as well as ealry demo versions, rough mixes, and rehearsal tapes, which is an interesting way to hear how the music has evolved.


K Brahim


Fortune is smiling on us for 2015, not the least of which has been meeting up with Brahim Fribgane, a brilliant oudist/percussionist from Morocco with an impeccable resume, who recently located to New Mexico.


We always love meeting musicians, and after an initial jam session, we were so connected with him that we invited him to join Pray For Brain at our Outpost concert last November for the final number -- after only one rehearsal.

He adds a remarkable chemistry and level of interplay to an already highly interactive group, and the band is very excited to to work with him :)



Since then, Brahim joined Pray For Brain at the Juarez Guitar Fest gig and at Duel Brewing. He will be joining us as often as he can, schedules allowing, and he is planning to join for the India tour as well.

We are blessed and excited to have him!

 There are a few more videos from Duel with Brahim; to see what he brings, see the full playlist of P4B with Brahim here: